Patrol Logo - as spray painted on everything!

History of Patrol

"The Fab Four come from the cultural centre of the UK - Leven/Methil and apart from playing music, they are heavily involved in drinking. Musical influences range from Marie Osmond to Donnie Osmond. Patrol will consider all offers of recording contracts and will accept donations gratefully. The band's main ambition for the future is to make lots of money"

Abbotshall Hotel early '80s

That's what Patrol said on the insert for their second demo cassette, "Another Fiasco", in 1982. The bit about the money came true when in January 1997 each member made 12.50 from a live gig!

Patrol organised and played many gigs in and around God's Kingdom (Fife) throughout the '80s - with bands such as The Actives, Alternative, Crimedesk, Brain Damage and loads more.

After a "break" in 1987 there was a brief reformation in 1992 for a party gig with another local band "Backlash".

In October 1996 Patrol got together again and supported Canadian band "The McCrackins" along with "External Menace". This led to several other gigs around that time.


2008 - 2014

Patrol played many gigs in Fife, Dundee and Edinburgh with local bands such as: Crimedesk, Certain Death, 13 Tombs, SO4, RPG, Acid Tongue, Us Versus Them, Pissed On Pissed Off and more. Patrol also were support to many bands: TV Smith, UK Subs, Rezillos, 999, Peter & Test Tube Babies, G.B.H. etc.

The last gig that Jock Hart played was at the Rebellion Festival in 2012. After Jock left, Kyle McAulay took over on drums and played with the band until the final gig - the Tam Dignan Memorial on 1st February 2014.

Members of Patrol

Live with Gogs on drums
Gordon Sutherland (Gogs) on drums
Patrol with Duns
David Dunleavy (Duns) second from left
Live in the '80s
Patrol in the '80s
Live in the '80s
Patrol in the '90s
Dek Hill Memorial 2008
Dek Hill Memorial 2008
Perth 2008
Perth 2008