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Patrol MP3s from the early '80s

These tracks are from the CD compilations "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 1 & 2 and the Rot Records Punk Collection.


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Never Say Never

Never Say Never (2011)
New recordings 2011 on factory pressed CD - sold at gigs.
Tracks: Get Pissed / Fudger, Never Say Never, SS Officer, Foreign Objects, Innocence, Aggression, Red, Slut, 30 Seconds, Nite Life, Don't Criticise, Nurse, Nurse, Masquerade, Unknown Soldiers, Go Wild, Standard Life, Future Alleys, Bored Shitless, Pushed, I Hate.

Unknown Soldiers EP

Unknown Soldiers EP (2001)
Intimidation Records INT001- 7" EP was available in black or red vinyl
Tracks: "SS Officer", "Aggression", "Nurse, Nurse", "Don't Criticise", "Pushed", "Unknown Soldiers" (all recorded 1981-83)

Featured tracks from "Another Fiasco Demo" (different versions from the MP3s above) plus unreleased "Pushed" and "Unknown Soldiers" (Country... Vol 2)

Heroes CD

A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 1 & 2 (1994)
Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 15
Tracks: "Unknown Soldiers"; "Nurse, Nurse"

"24 tracks of punk mayhem" is how it's described on the sleeve, and it includes 20 bands.


Rot Records Punk Collection (1994)
Anagram - CD PUNK 40
Track: "Don't Criticise"

24 tracks by 17 bands.


Angst In Der Todeszelle (1985)
Koma Tapes - KOMA 2 Cassette
Tracks: "Slut"; "Night Train To Russia" (written by Thin Yoghurts)

This is a German production.

Two Ninety Nine

Two Ninety Nine (1984)
Rot Records - ASS 10 LP
Tracks: "SS Officer"; "Don't Criticise" (MP3 2mb)

The sleeve says "If you paid more than 2.99 for this record you are either blind or illiterate". However, it will cost more than that on ebay nowadays.

A Country Fit For Heroes 2

A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2 (1983)
No Future - Oi 23 12"
Tracks: "Unknown Soldiers" (MP3 2mb); "Nurse Nurse" (MP3 1.8mb)

Patrol actually got some royalties from this record and a proper contract! This was a 12 track EP with 8 other bands.

Another Fiasco

Another Fiasco (1982)
Demo Cassette 2
Tracks: "SS Officer"; "Don't Criticise"; "Nurse, Nurse"; "Red (no alternative)"; "Aggression"; "Innocence"

This tape was recorded with Dave "Duns" Dunleavy on drums.

Real Time 2

Real Time 2 (1982)
Unlikely Records - Cassette
Tracks: "SS Officer", "Innocence"

A compilation tape featuring some strange stuff by people such as Tom Cramp & The Epileptic Ducks, Swimming In The Sea etc.

Unknown Soldiers

Unknown Soldiers (1981)
Demo Cassette 1
Tracks: "SS Officer"; "Don't Criticise"; "Night Life"; "Innocence"

The drummer on this recording was Gordon Sutherland. Gordon also wrote the original intro lyrics for SS Officer.